best practices


The 21st century demands not only academic skills but also competencies and character qualities which are necessary for success in the present as well as the constantly changing future. Pearl Wisdom School, Dubai focuses on the literary development of the students, as well as understands the need of the hour and runs programs to focus on the emotional and physical well being of the students. PWS understands that survival in today’s competing world is not just having ideas but also being able to put forward those ideas in front of the community, therefore focuses on development of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

PWS believes in providing a learning environment that ensures the students can apply their learned knowledge in their day-to-day life. PWS provides infinite opportunities to gain knowledge and develop the 21st century skills from all the activities in the school.

The school follows at all phases all the COVID Protocols that focus on the safety of students at all times. In the Kindergarten sustained and shared thinking is encouraged to build critical thinking skills through different hands-on challenges and open-ended questions. In collaborative learning exercise and paired activities children work together in an intellectual way to solve problems. Regular school to home communication helps maintain transparency of learning progress happening at school. Small class sizes enable individual attention and care. Students are given opportunities to enhance their confidence and public speaking skills. Regular and consistent involvement in activities, contests and events provide space for the tiny tots to showcase their talents. Teachers and children connect during circle time to start the day fostering strong bonds. A regular and consistent time and frequent reminders to keep themselves hydrated form the crux of the best practice in the kindergarten.

Pearls of grades 1-7 are given ample opportunities in assemblies to develop their confidence, communication and presentation skills and so on. Monday @ Pearl aims to connect children to the happenings around the world and help them acquire a worldview and present their opinions.

Art Integrated Lessons and Projects provide opportunities to tap their creativity by expressing their learning and understanding with the help of Art, through naturally aligned art concepts. Students are given the opportunity to construct and demonstrate understanding through various art forms that readily align themselves to the given objectives.

Wellness Sessions: Emotional and Physical health of the students is also one of the major priorities at PWS. We focus on developing the emotional and physical well- being of our children and they experience mindfulness and space for free expression during the wellness sessions.

Public Speaking: Communicating one’s ideas are the means of fast-tracking success in today’s world. PWS conducts public speaking classes to train the students on how to communicate ideas spontaneously and with confidence focusing on the voice modulation, body language and poise.

Art of your choice: Students enjoy the freedom to choose the art form of their interest and develop advanced level skills in the art form of their choice.

Reading Program: PWS runs a robust reading program in association with LightSail. The Cambridge Reading Adventure (CRA) is aimed to develop comprehension skills, writing skills, listening skills, reading skills and enhance creative writing. At PWS reading is an integral part of the curriculum. The same is given equal importance in the learning of all languages.

Health and Physical Education: Qualified sports professionals train the students in enhancing the skills in swimming, football, basketball and so on. Yoga is important for mind and body development and is given a special focus at PWS. The water bell and mask bell to remind students to stay hydrated and safe have received parent plaudits.

Interschool Competitions: BISQ is international school quiz competition is an initiative of Bhavans Middle East. Students get exposure to take part in a variety of contests like the spellbee, quiz, MUN, language activities and so on.

Innovation: Active learning is emphasized with innovative lesson plans incorporated with events and tours giving students more real-life experiences. Student led classes/ peer teaching is encouraged to make students take charge of their learning. Map skill, coding and hands on activities are a part of student learning.

Awards and Accolades: Encouragements go a long way. Students are appreciated with a host of accolades for the demonstration of progress/ for being exceptional in academics / sports / behaviour / handwriting / punctuality / singing / art / performance and so on.

Pearl Talks: To impart an impactful competency-based education and enhance student learning outcomes based on research students are provided opportunities for making short presentations during the assemblies. The Credit Policy System offers a ‘cafeteria’ approach in which the students can choose a topic of their choice. Young learners of Pearl applaud the flexibility that the school offers in the choice of topic.

Parent Engagement: PWS encourages and ensures the active involvement of the parents in the learning process of their children by communicating the daily learning work to the parents and apprise them about the happenings with regular circulars.