Std. XI and XII:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Core English
  • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics with Computer Science/Economics and Core English
  • Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practices/Psychology/Physical Education, Biology and Core English
  • Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and Core English
  • Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics Informatics Practices/Physical Education and Core  English
  • Economics, Geography, Psychology, Informatics Practices/Physical Education and Core  English

We offer 6th Subject which is optional:

  • Banking/Financial Management/Fine Arts/Physical Education

Std. IX and X

  • English, Mathematics / Basic Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, II Language (Hindi/ French/ Sanskrit), IT, Art/ Music/ Dance, Physical Education

Std. V – VIII

  • English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,II Language (Hindi/French/Sanskrit) and Arabic III Language, Computer Science, Indian Music, General Knowledge, Art & Craft/ Drawing and Painting, Physical Education, Dance/ Kuwait Social Studies.


  • English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies,II Language (Hindi/French)  Arabic and Computer Science, Music, General Knowledge, Art & Craft / Drawing and Painting, Physical Education. Only for grade 4 we have Kuwait Social Studies.

Std. I & II

  • English, Mathematics, EVS, II Language ( Hindi/ French) Arabic (only for grade II) Computer Science, Music, General Knowledge, Art & Craft, Drawing and Painting and Physical Education.


  • English, Number World, EVS, Art and Craft, Drawing and Painting, Music, Physical Activities, Fine Motor Skill Development, Gross Motor Skill Development, Story Telling, Rhymes and Action Songs.

Teaching Methodology

  • Experiential Learning and Project Based Learning form the foundation of the learning system.
  • Student-centric approach.
  • Innovative teaching methodologies integrate and weave in the school’s philosophy
  • Healthy student-teacher ratio available to optimize teaching-learning process.
  • Use of themes and projects to develop higher order thinking that stimulate creativity.
  • Use of modern and conventional tools and methods of teaching and learning.
  • Large number of Co-scholastic activities that provide wide and varied exposure.
  • Play way method adopted in the Nursery leading to the development of all skills


  • Nursery to Std. 2 does not have any exams. They only have continuous evaluation process .
  • 3 – 4 adopts 5 Cycle Tests in an academic year about 45 days once it happens
  • 5 – 10 follow the new scheme of examination  laid down by the CBSE on the year 2017. It consists of a half yearly and yearly examination and periodic tests. Class 10 students will appear for board examinations. The result of which is used for promotion to Grade 11.
  • Std 11 & 12 will have 3 assessments and 3 periodic test. Weighting for the exam and periodic test is taken for the promotion to Grade 12.
  • Importance is given to activities conducted as part of the Formative Assessments
  • All activities done are taken into consideration for Internal Assessment.
  • Students are also assessed on the co-scholastic areas according to specific rubrics.

Competitive Exams

  • The students across 1 – 12 are encouraged to take the selected Olympiads and other competitive exams conducted by National and International agencies. The students are tested in English, Math and Science in these tests and exams.
  • Information about the exams being offered to students are uploaded on the website and the entries are sent through the school, where required. Parents are communicated through the circulars as well.

Admission Information