Rules  & Regulations



  1. Students loitering in school without a valid reason and/or permission are not allowed.
  2. Students of all classes are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones, flash drives, I-Pods and any other gadget in the school.
  3. Students should not carry much cash to the school. Students are also requested not to indulge in borrowing and lending of cash to other students.
  4. Students should not be wearing gold or expensive ornaments to school. (including a watch)
  5. Students are not allowed to wear fancy and colorful clothes except on birthdays or when specially permitted by the school authorities.
  1. Students must be always polite to all fellow students, teachers and all other non teaching staff including helping staff and bus staff of the school.
  2. Use of abusive language and harsh tones is not permissible in any situation
  3. The students must be punctual to the school. Late arrival will be recorded in the diary. The students should also be punctual in reporting back to class after break, activity or lab classes.
  4. Students of one class are not allowed to enter in other class rooms even during breaks.
  5. Running, playing and shouting in corridors or class rooms is strictly prohibited.
  1. Students indulging in frequent arguments with fellow students or teachers will incur entry in the discipline cards maintained by the school. More entries in discipline cards may result into suspension of a student or expulsion in extreme cases.
  2. Students found possessing obscene literature in any form or any material which could be damaging to moral conduct of students will be dealt with very strictly.
  3. Students are strictly restricted from indulging in substance abuse in any form in and out of the school.
  4. The students must take care of the school property and belongings. Any damage to school property caused by the students will have to be made good at the parent’s expense.
  5. The students are expected to be environment friendly. Wastage of electricity, water and damage to plants must be avoided without failure.

Uniform and Personal Care

  1. The students should take pride in wearing the uniform.
  2. The students must have a valid identity card issued by the school throughout their presence in the school and out-door activities of the school.
  3. The students must wear the uniform daily to the school which is approved or provided by the school. There are different uniforms for regular classes and physical education classes. The students must wear the cloths as per the class time tables and strictly follow it. The students must wear the blazer in winter or plain blue or black coloured sweaters. Colourful sweater and shawls will not be permitted. During semester examination the physical education uniform should not be worn by students of class V to XII
  4. The students must understand that wearing the uniform without all accessories is considered as incomplete uniform and is an insult to the uniform. Wearing unwashed crumpled, very tight or of smaller size for the students is considered as bad uniform. This will incur an entry in the uniform inspection record in the diary.
  5. The boy students should have short hair. Punk and spikes or any trendy hair cut is not permitted.
  6. The girl students must make two plaits (braids) or tie two pony tails. No girls will be allowed to keep her hair open unless very short. Ribbons or hair band if used should be plain black only.
  7. Hats, caps, sweat bands and sun glasses are not allowed in the school.
  8. No girl student will be allowed to wear make-up except on special function days.
  9. Black shoes as per given design with regular school uniform and white canvas shoes with track suit will be worn by students
  10. Only girl students will be allowed to wear small studs in the ears
  11. Sikh boys and girls will be permitted to wear a Kada. Any other religious thread or locket if worn should be inside the shirt and should not be visible.
  12. Girl students must wear white slip or camisole under their shirt, where as the boys will wear white vest under the shirt.
  13. Tilak, bindi, nail polish and flowers in hair not permitted.
  14. The belt issued or approved by the school only will be allowed.
  15. Groupism and pairing of boys and girls is strictly prohibited in school

Exams and Academics

  1. The school does not give homework as a matter of practice. However some assignments may be given on week-ends to class five and above.
  2. In case of unexpected holidays declared by authorities, the teaching plans may get disturbed. In such cases, some homework may be given. The students are expected to cooperate in their best interest.
  3. Students must take initiative in getting his/her work completed if he/she misses a class due to any reason. The teachers would surely help them, but it is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind them (for class III and above).
  4. The exam dates are declared for the whole year in this diary. Adequate revision by the school also is planned and will be given to all students. The difference between a first ranker and others is made by his/her own grasp and regular study habits. The students are expected to develop regular study habits and not just prepare before exam.
  5. Extra reading and widening the horizons of knowledge is always appreciated by the school.
  6. Students’ participation is extracurricular activities is appreciated. However participation in extracurricular activities or interschool competitions cannot be used as an excuse from studies.
  7. The students are expected to take the exams and its result sportily and seriously. Students found to be indulging in unfair practices during examination will be dealt with very strictly.
  8. Participation in external assessments, tests and competitive exams is purely optional but is recommended by the school.
  9. The exams, tests and internal assessments in the school will be carried on as per the recommendations of CBSE and will be changed as per the circulars from the board from time to time. The students and parents will be communicated the changes in due time, if any.
  10. Examination scheme of all classes is described under a separate heading in this diary.


  1. The library books will be issued to the students of STD III onwards only during the library period.
  2. The students may choose the book from the shelves. They must take the book to the librarian to get them issued. No student will take the book out of the library without the issue record entry by the librarian.
  3. The maximum period for keeping a book is one week. If someone has not finished reading it then he/she must bring the book to the library and get it re-issued if no other student has demanded for the book or adequate other copies are there. The book re-issued once will not be re-issued for the third week.
  4. The students retaining the book beyond the date expected date of return will be charged a penalty at the rate of 100fils per day.
  5. The books from the reference section will not be issued to take home.
  6. Book borrowed from the library if lost or damaged, will have to be compensated by the cost plus penalty.
  7. Students must not carry outside reading material to the library.
  8. Silence must be maintained in the library at all times.
  9. Eating or drinking is not allowed in library.


  1. Students must not enter the labs if science teacher or lab assistant is not there in the laboratories.
  2. The students must read and follow the safety measures displayed in the laboratories.
  3. The students must bring the lab records on all days of laboratory class.
  4. The students must not touch the apparatus or chemicals unless instructed by teachers.
  5. Students must not switch on or off any equipment without instructions from the teacher.
  6. Students must not try out any experiment in the absence of science teacher or lab assistant.
  7. Wastage of water or chemicals in laboratories must be avoided.
  8. Students are strictly warned against playing pranks and practical jokes with anyone using lab chemicals or instruments.

Computer Laboratory

  1. Students must not enter computer labs if teacher or lab assistant is not there.
  2. The students must read and follow the rules of discipline displayed in computer lab,
  3. Students must bring the computer notebook or lab records on all days of computer laboratory period.
  4. The students should not load or delete programmes on school computers.
  5. The students should access the files and programmes strictly as instructed by teacher and must not try to access any other programme or files saved in the computers of the lab. Using the CD, external hard disk or flash drives on school computers is strictly prohibited.

Physical Education and Swimming Pool

  1. Students must not run or shout on playground during breaks or arrival to or departure from the school.
  2. Students must be careful about their own safety and do not cause any injury to any one intentionally or unintentionally.
  3. Obey the physical education teachers.
  4. Keep the sportsman spirit.
  5. Do not indulge into foul and unfair practices.
  6. Participate wholeheartedly in physically taxing activities.
  7. Inform the school authorities about any health related problems that may prevent the student from participating in Physical education activities.
  8. The students should go to swimming pool only during the assigned period and not before or after.
  9. The students must not enter the swimming pool in the absence of swimming instructor.
  10. The students must not enter the swimming pool without proper swimming costume.
  11. The students must not enter the swimming pool if they are suffering from any skin disease.
  12. Students suffering from asthma or any allergy of chemicals must inform school authorities and seek doctor’s advice before taking swimming classes.

Transport services

  1. Usage of services provided by the school is optional, but usage of private transporter’s service is prohibited.
  2. The students travelling by school buses must behave well during travel.
  3. Any act of indiscipline or damaging the vehicle will result in suspension of usage of the services immediately.
  4. Students are requested to be at the decided stop before time. The bus will not wait for any one. Missing bus will not be a valid excuse for remaining absent from the school.
  5. The bus fees are to be paid term wise at the beginning of each term along with the tuition fees. Discontinuation during mid-term is not allowed. A change in residence or spot for pick and drop must be intimated to school office immediately.

Info to Parents

  1. Parents are requested to read and understand the content of this diary at the onset of each academic year.
  2. The parents should fill up all entries and sign where ever required in the diary.
  3. The parents must inform the school their latest contact details and up date the office as soon as there is any change. If our instructions do not reach you due to change in contact details, the school holds no responsibility of any loss or damage.
  4. Renewal of residence permit and civil ID should be intimated to office. A copy of the renewed residence page and civil ID of the parents and the student must be submitted to the office to update the records in the office. These copies are subject to verification from officials of Ministry of Education frequently. It is the responsibility of the parents to update all the required records.
  5. The parents must check the diary of their ward every day and comply with the request made by teachers and school authorities.
  6. The parents are not allowed to go to the classrooms during class hours. If they have any problem, they are requested to meet the Principal or Vice Principal for the respective sections. If found essential by any of them, the teacher will be called or parents may be allowed to go to the class.
  7. Parents approaching the teachers at their residences or on their personal phones are not appreciated by the school.
  8. The school does not recommend tuitions and does not permit its teachers to accept private tuitions.
  9. Parents should try to attend all the Parents Teachers Meetings or Open Houses held every month.
  10. Our staff is trained to answer the parents politely. The parents are encouraged to bring forward their problems in a polite manner. Using harsh tones with the school staff or impolite behaviour by parents are not appreciated.
  11. Parents are strictly prohibited from distributing gifts to students and staff on their ward’s birthdays. Only distribution of sweets without disturbing classes is permitted.
  12. When a student remains absent in school for less than 3 days, a leave note must be sent in space provided in the school diary. If the leave is for more than 3 days, a separate letter addressing the Principal/Vice Principal must be sent with the student on the day of resuming. In case of planned holidays the leave letter must be submitted before going on leave. In case of absence due to sickness, a medical certificate accompanied by a parent’s note should be sent.
  13. The child suffering from a communicable disease should be sent to school after taking a fitness certificate by the treating doctor.
  14. If the child is having a medical history, the parents are requested to give information about the same to the school and the doctor’s contact numbers for emergencies.
  15. Please do not send your child to school when sick, even during examination. Instead, send a letter and medical certificate as early as you can.
  16. There should be a name tag on blazers and sweaters. You may use fabric paint or embroider the name on the inner side of the jackets. The blazers and jackets do get exchanged among students after PET or swimming classes.
  17. Parents must pay the school fees in time to avoid in any late payments. Details of fees payments is mentioned in this diary under a separate heading.
  18. Please note that in the event of an unexpected holiday during tests/examinations, the test / examination scheduled on that day will be held at a later date. The remaining tests/ examinations will be conducted as scheduled.