Bhavans rhythmscapes

As is the case of Bhavan’s institutions across the globe, our faculty is blessed with a handful of professionally qualified and experienced performing artist professionals who have a proven track record in training, composing, choreography, and stage presentation.

Inspired by the fascinating and enchanting cultural heritage of India, The Rhythmscapes Academy of Media and Arts was established in 2007. The Academy was taken over by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait in May 2012.

The Rhythmscapes Academy primarily focuses on training young children who have respect and adoration for India and its great cultural heritage, its dance forms, music and so on. The academy trains children in various forms and styles of Indian classical dance forms such as Bharathnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Mohiniyattam. The Rhythmscapes Academy also provides short term courses in Semi-Classical, Contemporary, Folk and Fusion dance forms as well.

Another highlight of the academy is a value added, enriching and unique workout program named  “Nritha-Yoga” for ladies. Nritha–Yoga ,a perfect blend of Dance steps and Yoga, is designed as a stretch; swing exercise program to keep the trainee’s body and mind agile and fit.

Since its very inception, Bhavans Rhythmscapes has always strived for benchmark quality in training and stage shows. The academy also provides behind the scene integrated services that include, professional choreography service, selection of dance costumes and traditional ornaments etc.

The Academy has all the competencies and in-house resources to deliver a project from concept to execution. It’s an academy where commitment meets excellence, quality meets aesthetics and passion meets perfection.

Besides, the trainers at the academy also help their students with intensive training and guidance whenever they have to perform in a stage show or in a dance program. It is indeed a unique dance academy that functions under the aegis of Bhavans with utmost responsibility driven by its  great love for India’s greatest art forms that still amuse and entertain the lovers of fine arts all across the globe.