PWS is committed to including and supporting all of our families and students, including students with disabilities, Gifted and Talented students. As part of the student support system, an identification process is conducted during the admission process to ensure that appropriate support is given in time; from there it continues through an ongoing identification and support system through the student welfare department.

 Our inclusive provision includes additional support, intervention, differentiation, and individualized support, as needed. We encourage the entire school community to provide students with the best social, emotional, behavioral, and academic support.

Inclusion is both a passion and a focus for every member of our school

Physical, mental, social and emotional wellness of each student, teacher, and staff member is of paramount importance at Pearl Wisdom School. The Wellness department at PWS is what spearheads the school’s mission of ensuring the overall wellness of the school community.

Each student’s emotional, mental and social wellness is taken care of by the Wellness department through individual and group counselling sessions. A trusting and safe space is created for students to explore the difficulties they face and the best possible support is provided to them. Any and all behavioral difficulties that a child might face during their developmental years are addressed with modification plans that help them grow into their best selves. Weekly Wellness Sessions at PWS encourage the development of mindfulness in children as well as teachers. PWS gives utmost importance to the holistic development of children and have support systems in place to ensure that each student is able to reach their potential as emotionally and socially intelligent citizens of the world. 

The wellness department works via a collaborative effort of the counselors, teachers, parents and the students themselves. Each member at PWS prioritizes wellness and works incessantly to improve the overall wellness of the school community.