“We wanted to express our gratitude to Pearl wisdom school, to the Management and all their teachers.
There are no words to express what we feel. The school and teachers have been beyond our imagination. We are so happy to have seen our children evolve in the past few months after joining PWS .

We have seen the wonderful change in our children. The support and help they received from each and every teacher was astounding. It has made them improve at all levels.”

Jennifer Joseph
Parent of Ann Therese KG
Jonathan Grade 2 and Joel Grade 3

“I want to convey my heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers for their hard work and guidance towards our child’s progress, Although the teachers have been teaching my child for a short period, I am really impressed with the teaching methods. All the teachers are so kind and supportive, they share their knowledge in such a way that children and parents will not feel any pressure which is a great relief to the parents especially during this pandemic situation.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the effort taken by the teachers during this academic year and my child in grade 2 has shown good improvement in academic and behavioral attitude.”

Asthitha P
Parent of Aisha Mishel
Grade 2

“PWS focuses on the holistic development of a child. What I liked the most is the team’s readiness to take feedback and the approachability and flexibility. This really impressed me as a parent. The teacher student rapport is very good. I sincerely recommend this school for aspiring parents.”

Roshan Ann Sijin
Parent of Juvan Sijin John
Grade 2

“Bhavans Middle East already has earned the reputation of “excellence in education” with many Indian CBSE schools spread across the middle east. The school gives regular updates to parents of the academic progress. The environment is friendly and the students receive excellent guidance from their teachers. The teachers are friendly and happy, and no wonder they create happy children. Every day my son is looking forward to come to school. He is very much enjoying his time at school, and learns new things each and every day. The teachers and staff in general are really good, professional, caring and dedicated. I will always be grateful to this wonderful school.”

Parent of Ebin Janson
Grade 3

“During Amaan’s short schooling time he has studied only in Bhavans group. He studied at Bhavans Abu Dhabi and Bhavans Ajman. As soon as we heard that Bhavans is opening in Dubai, without a second thought we rushed to get the admission. The methodology, the culture, and the variety and scope of participation in extracurricular activities are worth mentioning. The teacher student rapport at school is excellent. The teachers are well qualified and extremely supportive. I see Pearl Wisdom School making its way up to be one of the best CBSE schools in Dubai very soon. So, I advise the parents who are interested in taking admission for their kids to not miss the chance of getting the admission when the school that comes with the brand (Bhavans), is brand new.”

Imran Master
Parent of Amaan Imran Master
Grade 2

“The proximity to PWS was one of the reasons why I chose to seek admission for my child in this school. During these extraordinary time (Covid19) has changed our perspective of normal learning and school activities, PWS has simplified the learning experience of my kid and the NO HOMEWORK policy is a breath of fresh air for us parents – all schools activities are carried out during school hours which gives us more time with our son to try and live a normal life in this not so normal times. Parents, Do your own homework about PWS experience in the region, and you will find that they are silent and effective education providers.”

Thimothy Vinson
Parent of Lucas GS Vinson
Grade 3

“We decided to admit both our kids in Pearl Wisdom School (Bhavans) as we know that this reputed school can effortlessly deliver quality education. The dedicated faculty is ready to support the children in the best ways possible for their holistic development, even in the current scenario, and this is really endearing and we parents truly appreciate their efforts. The excellent teacher student rapport that makes e learning a lot easier is also worth mentioning.”

Haripriya Chawan
Parent of Arjun Chawan and Anushka Chawan
Grade 5

“The proximity to the school, its brand name and the vast school campus led me to choose the school for my child. With well experienced and happy faculty, the interactive teaching strategies sprinkled with care and the excellent teacher student rapport PWS is creating a career path for the students. Children are given ample opportunities to open up and they enjoy it. One will never be disappointed leaving the child under the care of the educators at PWS.”

Nandu Jith
Parent of Nyla Nandu Jith
Grade 1

“With well experienced and happy faculty, the interactive teaching strategies sprinkled with individual care, and the excellent teacher student rapport, PWS is creating a career path for the students. Children are given ample opportunities to open up and they enjoy it. I am sure PWS will walk tall in no time.”

Parent of Aaban
Grade 5

“I chose to send my child to PWS because of its emphasis on culture, and academic excellence. There is no communication gap between the teacher and students, and every child is treated equally. The management and the teachers are highly supportive. The class facilities and the excellent reputation Bhavans Middle East has earned running many schools in the GCC are the other inviting factors. The school has a way of dealing excellently well with parents and students.”

Keerthy Vipin
Parent of Dhrupad Vipin

“Quality of education offered, well trained and extremely dedicated faculty, cleanliness of school premise, the fame of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan across the globe all were reasons why I chose to send my child to PWS. The team provides good learning environment, academic excellence and encourages social interaction. There is very less burden for the parents concerning academics at the same time, participation in extracurricular activities is also well taken care of. Every student is treated equally and the school has been really supportive so far.”

Parent of Krithik Sachin Dev
Grade 2

“Quality education offered, and the experienced and dedicated teaching staff at PWS have made this school my first choice. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and the schools associated with them speak for themselves. Not to mention the excellent reputation of the management that runs many Bhavans schools in the GCC.

The rapport between the students and teachers is excellent without any room for a communication gap.
PWS is undoubtedly an excellent option for children to grow as competent students and individuals.”

Biju Pattassery
Parent of Abhishek Biju
Grade 5