Pastoral care is the provision the school makes to ensure the physical and emotional welfare of every child. It is to ensure that every child at PWS is safe, happy, involved and able to perform his/her fullest potential. The development of character, values and a focus on wellbeing anchor our pastoral approach. Growing up in the 21st century presents challenges to young people and at Pearl Wisdom School we do all we can to help empower our pupils to navigate their way through these challenges. Character and moral education are integral to our vision of high quality pastoral care and it is our genuine privilege to work closely with a wonderful community of pupils and their families.

We have students of varying nationalities at Pearl Wisdom school, thanks to our culturally diverse society. We are proud of its international character, and the culturally rich environment we offer our students. They have the opportunity to study and collaborate discrete cultures and background. The school also provides widely diversified academic and extra-curricular activities suitable to the school community members, in the process enhancing their knowledge of the “world”. We aim to ensure that our students develop to be tolerant and respectful of difference and diversity. This very aspect, is highlighted through assemblies, house events, extra-curricular activities and wellbeing days.  Furthermore, with subjects of Moral Education and Value Education that focus on developing the tools for life to ensure a successful journey of the child.

We “really” want our students to develop spiritually. Spirituality is the ability to show awareness or consciousness of the surrounding world through a sense of compassion and love. This in turn will make them confident and happy, readily seeking new opportunities to develop themselves and instilling the belief that they can and should make a positive change in the world.

We actively develop courageous individuals who are creative, resourceful, and proactive problem solvers. We understand, that growing up isn’t always plain sailing and that sometimes life can throw up unforeseen difficulties. Therefore, Pastoral support at PWS is highly child-centered because, “We believe” that happy and secure children will become confident and independent learners for sure.