Primary School is from Grade 1 – 5, covering age groups 6 – 10. The Primary School is both the longest period of a child’s education and the time when the most connections and discoveries take place.

Our Primary School Program provides a rich and dynamic, forward-looking learning environment. Our children build strong foundations in reading, writing, numerical skills and scientific understandings. In addition, we teach our learners to develop the skills and approaches to learning that are essential in this rapidly changing world. The primary curriculum also promote cross curricular approach, critical thinking, and problem solving skills and provides opportunities to explore and discover.

Areas of learning are English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Arabic, Arts, Islamic studies / life skills, Performing Arts and Physical Education. All our learners have the opportunity to learn a second language. French or Hindi is taught through intensive and immersive daily language instruction from specialist speakers.

Life in School would be spent in a myriad of co-curricular activities to develop interest in art, music, culture among others. The Bhavans Fest is an annual Intra school program and would be a platform for children to perform and display their innate abilities.

Besides these, the school has a unique assessment system which encourage students to take their tests in a natural environment without them feeling the pressure of an assessment.

To know more about assessment and positive reinforcement strategies, do contact the school.